Call For Papers

The 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Sustainable Energy, Signal Processing & Cyber Security (IEEE iSSSC 2020), technically co-sponsored by IEEE Kolkata Section, is being organized by the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, GIET University, Gunupur, Odisha, India from December 16-17, 2020. The inaugural edition of this conference invites papers that report latest research and novel applications of IoT, AI/ML, and Big Data to the fields of sustainable energy, signal processing, and cyber security.

Track 1 : Renewable and Sustainable Energy (RSE)

‣Renewable Energy Technology for Micro Grid
‣Micro Grid Design Implementation & Optimization
‣Distributed Generation & Grid Interconnection
‣Control Techniques for Smart Grid Energy Systems
‣Energy Storage & Battery Charging Technology
‣Energy Management for Smart Grid
‣Grid Connected Micro Generation System
‣Electric Vehicle (EV) & Hybrid EV Technology
‣Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Technology
‣Green Energy
‣Energy in Building
‣Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Systems
‣Hybrid Energy Systems
‣Wind Energy and Technology development
‣Solar Energy and Power Technology
‣Power quality in Smart Grid
‣Fuel Cell based Micro Grid Systems
‣Integration of Renewable Energy Systems (RES) to Smart Grid
‣Power Electronics Converters and Drives
‣Power Electronics in Power Systems
‣Power Electronic Converter/Inverter in RES

Track 2 : Signal Processing and Applications (SPA)

‣Adaptive and Statistical Signal Processing
‣Soft Computing & Pattern Recognition
‣Signal Processing for Communications and Networking
‣Computer Vision and Machine Learning
‣MIMO and Space-Time Signal Processing
‣Adaptive and Array Signal Processing
‣Compressive Sensing and Sparse Signal Processing
‣Signal Processing for Communications
‣Machine Learning for Signal Processing
‣Audio and Speech Signal Processing
‣Spoken Language Processing
‣Image and Video Processing
‣Computational Imaging/Photography and Inverse Problems
‣Signal Processing Algorithms and Architectures
‣Multimodal Signal Processing
‣Underwater Communications and Signal Processing
‣VLSI for Communication and Signal Processing
‣Biological Signal Processing
‣Biological Network and Data Analysis/Modeling
‣Deep Learning for Computer Vision
‣Speech &Natural Language Processing
‣Biomedical Signal Processing

Track 3 : Cyber Security and Communication (CSC)

‣Machine Learning & Big data Analytics in Smart Grid
‣IoT Application in Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
‣Cyber Security System in Micro Grid
‣Artificial Intelligence in Smart Grid
‣Cyber Security in Modern Power Systems
‣Block Chain Technologies in Smart Grid
‣Wireless and Mobile Communications
‣Cooperative and D2D Communications
‣Coding for Data Communications and Storage
‣Optical Communications and Networks
‣Next-Generation Networking and QoS
‣Cyber-Physical Systems
‣Vehicular Networks
‣THz and RF Systems for Communications
‣Green Communications
‣Physical Layer Security
‣Artificial Intelligence for Communications
‣5G and Green Communications
‣Internet of Things and Smart Cities
‣Internet of Things in Healthcare
‣Big data & Deep Learning in Healthcare